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The Foundation (Working Title) Chapter 1

Collective Culture is excited to announce that we will be embarking on our first documentary project that we will be fully producing, directing, shooting and editing ourselves. Though we have worked on several projects prior to this, this is our first “baby” if you will. Upon doing some research on the in’s and out’s of the process and best practices we discovered the value of blogging the process, SO HERE WE ARE! Welcome to our journey!

So what is this movie about? What are we even blogging about, right?! Well if you have been following me (Jeremy Pape) you know that I have been involved in the Denver hip-hop community since 2012. I learned to make video, grew my first business and made many life long friends along that way within the Denver community. When we were approached by Denver concert promoter Francois Baptiste of 3Deep  to craft a documentary on the hip-hop community, and specifically one rising star, we jumped at the opportunity.

Though filming has already begun we still deep in pre-production, research and crafting our shot list. During some of our research we found this really great read from HipHopDX discussing their 10 Laws of How to Make it in Hip Hop, check it out when you get some time. The history of Denver hip-hop is rich and there are so many pioneers and creators that add value to the story. We are truly looking forward to crafting this piece and telling the story of the foundation of Denver hip-hop as it parallels the story of so many other places and cultures, at it’s core it is the tale of how to make it in America. We hope to inspire you with this documentary but also with this blog as we give you a look inside what it takes to tell the story of chasing dreams in America and show you with enough drive and focus anything is possible.

Keep this conversation going, leave us your thoughts, comments and suggestions below! Here’s to an exciting project, this is just the foundation.



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