Tell YOUR Story

Let’s get to work, help us start your project. Do you already have content filmed and need it transcribed? Do you have your idea already and now you need a crew to come to your city and film? Do you just have a dollar and a dream and need us to help build your story? Let us know where you are at and we will meet you there!

Pre Production

With your own project manager, weekly reports, and an organized production timeline we can get you where you want to be. We can assist you with locations, storyboards, interview questions, and episode outlines. Anything you need to get the story out.

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Film Days

We have a full team that will come in with lighting, audio, and multiple 4k cameras to make sure we get the shot. If you need us to host, or someone to interview your subjects, no problem our producers are the next Barbra Walters!

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Let us set you up with everything you could need. From full motion graphics packages to 100% royalty-free licensed music we make it happen. Each episode is delivered with a Hi-Res export for DVD, streaming sized, Low-Res for backups, WAV audio files, PDF transcripts, and SRT closed captioning files.

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Our Step by Step Docuseries Breakdown

Take a look around and check out our docuseries step by steps and below you’ll see video examples of a trailer, animations, and a clip of episode one from Strange Pain.

Create with us!