Case Study: Eureka's Fusion Five Ad Campaign

We love helping small businesses with advertising campaigns, below we broke down our process with Eureka on creating a successful, budget-friendly ad campaign.

1. Introduction: Eureka, a cannabis company specializing in THC vapes, sought to launch a captivating ad campaign titled “Fusion Five.” This campaign aimed to showcase their new line of fusion flavors and expand their market presence in New York while maintaining their popularity in Colorado and California.

2. Client Background: Eureka’s target audience comprised young adults aged 18-35 who embraced a hip, classy lifestyle. As pioneers in the cannabis industry, the client wanted to align their brand with an exciting and adventurous culture.

3. Objectives: The project’s main goal was to create five engaging videos, each featuring a different fusion flavor and a distinct leading lady with her unique personality. Eureka aimed to emphasize the transformative power of their vapes, taking mundane days and turning them into fun-filled adventures. The campaign was designed for social media platforms, with each video limited to a maximum runtime of 60 seconds to keep the pacing engaging.

4. Strategy and Execution: To fully grasp the client’s vision, the team collaborated closely with Eureka’s Director of Operations, Tom Moore. A loose yet coherent story was devised to connect all five videos. The team leveraged AI effects to push the boundaries of reality, showcasing the transition from ordinary to extraordinary with Eureka vapes. Efficient pre-production and meticulous planning allowed the project to be completed under budget in just two days of filming in New York.

5. Results and Impact: The campaign’s launch on Instagram yielded impressive engagement:

  • Concord Lime: 5,369 views, 136 likes, 60 comments, 26 shares
  • Very Berry: 5,039 views, 122 likes, 63 comments, 73 shares
  • Strawberry Clem: 3,898 views, 110 likes, 27 comments, 16 shares
  • Tropical Twist: 4,293 views, 109 likes, 32 comments, 25 shares
  • Melon Madness: 6,015 views, 141 likes, 42 comments, 35 shares
  • All 5 Flavors: 6,381 views, 297 likes, 40 comments, 35 shares

6. Testimonial: Jeremy Pape and his creative team proved to be the most efficient and innovative collaborators in our marketing efforts. Their ability to work within our budget while delivering captivating content allowed us to leverage our social media reach, translating it into tangible sales and revenue. The videos created by Pape and his team gave us the boost we needed to strengthen our brand’s online presence. – Tom Moore Eureka Director of Operations

7. Challenges and Solutions: Working within a limited budget is a common challenge, but effective pre-production planning and a focused team ensured a smooth shoot out of state in New York. The team’s ability to creatively adapt to new locations resulted in engaging shots and a thrilling final edit.

8. Lessons Learned: The project underscored the significance of a united and well-prepared team from the outset. Strong pre-production facilitated a seamless shoot and post-production process. Quick thinking on location and the ability to remain creative in new settings contributed to a compelling and exciting final product.

9. Conclusion: The “Fusion Five” ad campaign empowered Eureka to achieve its biggest social media push since its launch. The campaign’s success was made possible by a flexible and communicative team that brought the brand’s vision to life. By showcasing Eureka’s innovative products in an engaging and transformative manner, the campaign solidified the brand’s position in the cannabis market and opened doors to new territories.

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