Dead Man Walking – The Lacs x Crucifix

Our latest collaboration with Crucifix and Dirt Rock, this is our most cinematic single yet. Filmed all over the country, our team came out to meet Crucifix in Alamo, Colorado to capture his final “Dead Man Walking” scenes. If you enjoyed this one, please check out another one of our favorites we got to shoot and edit with Crucifix, My Way.

Lane-O – Beautiful

This video was our first Music Video to be selected in the world-renowned Denver Film Festival. This project helped push the concept of music videos being fine art as well as sharing a passionate message of LOVE. Here is another one with Lane-O entitled “Good Smoke”!

Outlaw – King of the Mountain

Outlaw is another one of our favorite collaborators and this project King of the Mountain is another awesome example of our chemistry with an artist, together we have amassed over 20 million views across our music videos. If you enjoy this one, please check out his channel to see more of our work!

TheyCallHimAP – First Place

A Colorado favorite, TheyCallHimAP has been a frequent collaborator with us and always brings the best out in our team. If you are looking for a more socially conscious piece, please take a look at Blackberries, another collaboration between Collective Culture and TheyCallHimAP

Kayla Marque – Mercy

Our second invitation to the Denver Film Festival was with our dear friend Kayla Marque. We collaborated with Empirus Graphics for the animation, for what came out to be a really powerful ode to her father. For another Collective Culture x Kayal Marque piece check out Villain!

Black Prez – Zoo

This was one of the most fun videos to create! Black Prez was in town for one day and reached out last minute for a quick music video. Never satisfied with a standard run-and-gun music video the creative edit on this project took this from a standard video to a stand-out one! It even got us an international nod at the 2023 Berlin Music Festival.

Escro- Bright Side of the Moon

With the advent of so much cool technology, AI, and editing tricks we wanted to explore the idea of a fully virtual music video. With our friends at Virtual Production Studio here in Denver, we created a futuristic spaced-out visual for our longtime client and friend Escro. If VFX isn’t your thing, check out another one of our favorite Escro videos we did with all-in-camera techniques.

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